I have returned from my absence and have started writing again.

I apologise for the lengthy break.

We were in the middle of talking about Inception and in the next post I was going to discuss the work of Kurt Gödel. Unfortunately, Inception is nowhere near as hot a topic as it was when I wrote the first post about it a few weeks ago and doubly unfortunately, my half-baked ideas about how the two link together in some way are (as is often the case with half-baked things) flimsier than I thought, not least because the idea of explaining Gödels theorems is in itself an ambitious one, let alone linking them to Inception! This said I do feel I ought to follow through with the second post, but I am not going to spend too much time on it as I am keen to move on to things more relevant to the mathematics I do, given that I’ve lost a lot of time, rather than over-indulge myself in pseudo-academic critique.

For now, I’d better get writing.