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Now, we shift our attention to mathematics and logic and in doing so, we get to work on the other end of the big picture; hopefully we’ll be able to link back up with Inception somewhere in the middle.


Many of you will have, at some point, seen a demonstration of a classic mathematical fallacy. For example, a ‘proof’ that one is equal to two.

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It goes without saying that this post contains ‘spoilers’ for Inception.

After I’d first seen Inception, I thought that it was good, but not brilliant. Roughly speaking, I’d taken it at face value. I’d taken it as a sci-fi action movie with a nice idea at its core about ‘dreams within dreams’. There were a few plot points it had glossed over, but then every action movie does that. I remember thinking that I’d actually expected it to be cleverer, given all the hype I’d heard. Sure, the idea of a dream within a dream is quite a cool one, but it isn’t a complicated one and the movie itself wasn’t difficult to follow, as a lot of complex thrillers are.

Slowly, however, the ideas began working on me.

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